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Our promise

Our medical practice is dedicated to provide the best effort in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of medical disorders involving the gastrointestinal tract and live.

Gastrointestinal disorders are quite common in our society and in many occasions produce disruption in the lives of the affected people. Therefore, addressing these conditions deserves adequate and specialized medical care.

We understand that every human being is different, that is why our main and sincere goal is provide you with the best specialized care that fits your unique needs.

It is believed that to look for medical care or advice we must have symptoms. However, in our specialty this is not always the case:

• Colon polyps and early colorectal cancer usually gives no    symptoms. Therefore, screening to prevent colorectal cancer is a    well known aspect of our live which deserves special attention,    especially when we are fifty years or older and in some cases    even at a younger age.

• Similarly, many forms of liver diseases like vital hepatitis, fatty    liver disease and in some cases even liver cirrhosis may cause no    symptoms. Many members of our community have been    exposed to risk factors to acquire these conditions and they are    not aware.

We believe that patient education is the best way to contribute to a healthier society. Therefore, we will provide you with information in regards to your medical condition.


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